Inverness Transport
Hecto 1
6902 KM Zevenaar
T: 0031 26 31 951 70
F: 0031 26 31 951 79


Inverness Transport is growing in the market for potatoes, onions and carrots. This also applies to transporting vegetables, fruit, cocoa, coffee, nuts, sugar and grains. We expect to expand our international position in the years ahead, paying particular attention to safety and sustainability.

Inverness Transport has grown strongly in Europe in recent years. We expect this evolution to continue further. Alongside complete loads and groupage we are also expanding our rail and container transportation. This also applies to transportation in other countries, both inside and outside Europe.


15 years Inverness Transport

15 years Inverness Transport for transporting coffee, cocoa, fruit, vegetables such as (seed) patatoes, carrots, onions and all kind of spices, rice and cereals.  

8 Jun 2020
Inverness Transport grows against the flow

Where many companies are dragging themselves through the economic crisis with difficulty, Inverness Transport BV is, strikingly, making a profit. Over the last few years the company from Zevenaar has even grown against the flow. Manager Richard van den Dolder is proud of Inverness Transport’s tempestuous growth. Nine years ago he was the foundations of […]

6 Oct 2014


A collaboration of 10 years

‘For almost ten years we have worked with Inverness Transport to our full satisfaction. They carry out transportation of a variety of cocoa products. We are enthusiastic about the pleasant relationship with the planners and the very correct way in which loading times and vehicle registration numbers are communicated.’