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The majority of goods are still transported without refrigeration. Our tautliners are equipped with a tarpaulin that can be easily opened from the side, rear, or top for quick loading and unloading. These trailers are ideal for transporting pallets, big bags, crates, and loose bags and come with sufficient straps for securely transporting your cargo. In addition, Inverness Transport specializes in the transportation of partial loads or loads with multiple loading and unloading addresses.

Refrigerated transport.

Inverness Transport transports many products in refrigerated trailers to maintain your products at a constant temperature. Our refrigerated transport is often used for transporting vegetables, fruit, and other fresh products. The cooling engine of the trailers can handle any desired temperature and can both heat and cool. This way, we can always meet your temperature requirements.

Bulk transportation.

For bulk transport, Inverness Transport uses bottom dumpers, walking floors, or tippers. Our bottom dumpers are lightly insulated and equipped with drop protectors, minimizing potential damage during loading and unloading. The conveyor belt running over the trailer floor allows for quick and controlled movement of products outward.

Walking floors feature a movable floor, enabling both loose bulk products and pallets to be transported forwards or backwards. The significant advantage is that these trailers can be loaded from both the top and rear. Agricultural products are initially loaded from the rear and then from the top to prevent product damage. Our tippers are particularly suitable for loose bulk products and often have a grain hatch for rear unloading.

Volume transportation

For large quantities that don’t fit in regular trailers, our megatrailer (100 m³) or volumecombi (115 m³) provide a solution. An additional advantage is that we can load and unload these trailers from the rear, side, and top. The loading height can reach up to 3 meters.

In the megatrailer: 34 euro pallets or 26 block pallets can fit.

In the volumecombi: 38 euro pallets or 30 block pallets can fit.


Groupage Transportion

Providing customized transport also means that we can arrange groupage transport. Thanks to our extensive network of logistics agents throughout Europe, we can quickly and efficiently pack and distribute both small shipments and partial loads on pallets to your customers.


Intermodaal transport

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport is an advanced logistics solution that combines various modes of transportation. It integrates road, rail, and sea transport to enable seamless and cost-effective goods movement. By utilizing diverse modes of transportation, we provide flexible and sustainable solutions that reduce ecological impact while ensuring efficient delivery to the destination.

Among others to Ireland, England, Spain, and Italy.

Transport throughout Europe.

With thousands of kilometers of experience throughout Europe and a reliable solution for every transport request, we are available 24/7 to manage your transport efficiently. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.